About Me

My name is Jordan Justice and I’m a Kentucky native raised in Elkhorn City. My roots are deep in Appalachia and its rich culture. Growing up, I was surrounded by mountains, rivers, coal mines, and generations of Americans that embodied the heritage of Appalachia. Sadly this region is saturated with many social, economic, and geographic issues very unique to this area. Despite this, I thrived as a young artist in eastern Kentucky and continued to develop my skills and abilities throughout my life. Today, I have proudly helped to capture the attraction, natural beauty. and scenery of the regions in my works of art and my commitment and dedication to the areas I work and live in.

I began my artistic evolution at a young age. As I grew older, I began experimenting with various different techniques and mediums. Drawing, airbrushing, pin striping, brush painting, and graffiti style painting have all become integral mediums that I utilize in my artwork.

The biggest driving factors in my mural paintings are to bring color, art, and culture into rural areas and attempting to capture the essence of each cities numerous opportunities and fascinating history. With joy, I create inviting and interactive murals that encourage the viewers to stop and get out, take pictures, and to participate in the local community.

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